United States Digital Service — Manifesto Video

USDS is "the first startup in the White House," created by former President Obama. It serves to benefit students, patients, veterans and immigrants by revamping disorganized and largely paper-based government platforms into streamlined digital processes. They came to us to produce a recruitment video for their groundbreaking program.

As the basis, we had an asset unlike any other - a timeless and revelatory Steve Jobs’ quote on realizing and harnessing individual potential, in spite of conventions and limitations. His message echoes the very spirit of USDS and their admirable endeavor; the task of remodeling and modernizing a behemoth like the government is no cakewalk.

To visualize this, I worked closely with a nimble team of illustrators and animators to imagine an elegant and symbolic narrative in a contemporary style. It unfolds the story of a glowing, yellow orb, confined at the beginning by walls and limitations, but who ultimately is able to shatter expectations, motivated by USDS. For our work, we received a letter from Obama himself, thanking us personally for our efforts.

Ingrid Ma 2018