Grace Mitchell — “Kids Ain’t All Right”

Grace Mitchell is one of Republic Records young new artists. She's made a name for herself among youth counterculture movements with her strong opinions, rebellious spirit, and bold voice. For her new single, "Kids Ain't All Right," we decided to capitalize on her outspoken courage and draw inspiration from a medium that has rallied past generations of counterculture: the Zine. We designed a gritty booklet with hand-written typography, vintage photographs, and analog artifacts incorporating the lyrics of the song.

The lyric video, which I co-directed, was shot all over downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, exclusively on a VHS camera. It captures the dissemination of the Zine and its sentiments as the book travels from hand to hand.

Tinashe — “Superlove”

Tinashe is an up-and-coming R&B pop artist, who has collaborated with the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, Chris Brown, Juicy J, and Young Thug. RCA Records came to Studio6 to concept and create a lyric video that could bring her summer single to life.

I built upon the song’s undeniable sass to develop a vibrant visual language of sexy kaleidoscopic patterns, cryptic typography, and punchy pastels.  

Ingrid Ma 2018